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purchase planning, cost control and the ability to save - in a single application. Supermarkets Crossroads Network has produced a number of convenient services that will make the shopping trip more enjoyable and rewarding.
In order to protect your points on the card enters the mobile application must be confirmed by entering a short SMS-code sent to your mobile number. Please do not tell anyone the code. Attackers can gain access to your account.
If you have never changed your permanent password to login, be sure to replace it with a more complex, consisting of not less than 8-10 letters and numbers.
For those who first comes to your personal account - we will be glad to help you with authorization by phone 8 800 200 95 55.
Tip for those who have forgotten your password:
• If you did not change your password, enter your birth date, indicated earlier in the questionnaire, in DDMMYY format. For example: 311216
• If you change the password, and now it does not fit or your card is locked - give us a call 8 800 200 95 55
• When entering a phone number as login - make sure your phone number is tied only one loyalty card. Otherwise, log on the card number.
Get a map - Easily
With our app you can not acquire the physical map. Complete a simple registration procedure in the application and get a virtual analog, which works the same way as a plastic card.
favorite products
Nice to get points for purchases, but you can get even more. It is enough to select the category of favorite foods and they will be charged 5 times more points!
Promotions and personalized offers
In this section you will see how personal proposals addressed it to you, and simply pleasant daily discounts to different groups of goods.
Shopping list
How often have you come home with heavy bags and inspecting products, you know that is not bought anything planned. The app will solve the problem, no longer need to carry a list on a piece of paper. You are building a shopping list in the application and as you fill the basket with one touch cross out items from the list.
expenditure control
We made sure that you always know how much and when to spend on products. All checks are now stored in a special section "Purchase History".
White, red, pink, sparkling. How to choose the wine, which is perfect for dinner? It is not necessary to be an expert or a long time to wander between showcases wine department, scoring in the Google-search engine or that the name of the wine. Just open the app, go to "Sommelier" section and browse collections of wines. Or even easier: scan the QR code on the price tag in a store or a bar code on the bottle and take home your favorite.



Version: 1.33

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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