Fortune telling Gypsy 1.4

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The first application in a series of "Guessing gypsy". We present our card decomposed kings and for the near future.
There are many methods and types of tarot cards. The simplest type of card decks is a deck of 36 cards and four suits. Working with her is very easy and predictions are coming true with remarkable accuracy.
Remember, there are some rules that will help to achieve the most accurate results:
 - it is impossible to guess if you're sick, aggressive attitude, angry;
 - if the cards you do not want to give an exact answer, then ask the question again, ask again, can not, as such manipulation is simply anger the higher powers;
Thank you for using known fortune-teller Mirela Eneshti.
   Currently published applications "Guessing gypsy 2" and "3 Guessing gypsy", which are a continuation of this series.



Version: 1.4

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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