따릉이 어딨어? (따릉이 타이머, 따릉이 지도, 서울시 공유자전거 따릉이) 1.0.7

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Seoul ttareung This provides a map which can be found 55 minutes to return the timer and stop locations and quantities bike.
If you buy a daily ticket to return every time to borrow again
The position of the stop in the official app made to use uncomfortable.
Show my 2km radius based on your location, you can check the position of the stop ttareung around.
If the marker on the map, click the Info window and then click
Map of separately installed application on the phone you can see the way open (next map, Naver maps, etc.).
* There is also a Google Maps feature that will hang out in Korea. *
Set a daily rent during one hour (55 minutes) Timer to put the alarm to sound and vibration after 55 minutes.
Run the alarm and look canvass in your pocket after 55 minutes Please note that the time to return to the vibration and sound.
Find a stop near ttareung open the map, please return it within 5 minutes.



Version: 1.0.7

Requires: Android4.4 or later


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