قصص واقوال ابن عمر بن الخطاب

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Omar was the son of a man Adam huge grave,
Ibn Umar says, "but we've got the dermis by uncles, uncle and take away something, and I received invasive of my uncles, These two qualities most were not in my father; my father was white, married women do not lust, but to ask for the boy."
* Mother Zainab girl Mazon sister Othman bin Mazon.
* Emigrated with his father to the city, a son ten years old, and remained until the year seventy-three died,
* Said bin Musayyib said: If he saw one of the people of Paradise to have seen Abdullah bin Omar.
Qasim bin Mohammed said, was the son of Omar may be tired of his companions, how after them ?!



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