Hatekhori Shongkha (হাতেখড়ি সংখ্যা)

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“Hatekhori Shongkha” is an app to help children to learn, read and write Bangla number (shongkha) with animation, interactivity and audio. Still thinking how to learn Bangla number easily? Wait, this android app is the best answer for this question. It is a self-motivated Bangla number learning and reading platform. Anyone, either children or adults, can learn Bangla number with their correct pronunciation in a funny and interactive way. This free app is a best brainstorming toy for your intelligent kid.
* Users can learn bangla shongkha by using this app.
* Special feature of this app is handwriting practice using their fingers as a pen.
* Best preschool learning app for toddlers, also good for any early childhood education.
* This app is offline based, so you don’t need any kind of mobile or internet connection.
* This app is especially suited for preschool children or for adults who wish to learn as well.



Version: 3.0.5

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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