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ইংরেজি শিক্ষার সম্পূর্ণ বই (A to Z) The Complete Book of English Learning (A-Z)
Spoken English to Bengali এই অ্যাপসটি মুলোত ইংরেজী শেখার কোর্স বা ইংরেজি শেখার বই , যেখানে বাংলা থেকে ইংরেজি অনুবাদ ও ইংরেজি থেকে বাংলা অনুবাদ এর মাধ্যমে ইংরেজি ভাষা শিক্ষার সহজ পাঠ তৈরী করা হয়েছে। আরও রয়েছে প্রতিদিনের কমন ইংরেজী বাক্য, Vocabulary (ইংরেজি উচ্চারন), প্রতিদিনের লেসন,
Spoken english to bangla app is an educational apps in bangla. This is very good bangla apps for learning english in banglai. This bangla to english spoken translation app is containing 10000+ translation. This bangla translator english to bangla app does work in offline, so don’t worry about free internet connection. Translation bangla english speaking is very easy for learning english in bangla but you have to do english spoken practice more and more. So this is an english speaking course in bangla. English listening and speaking practice is also helpful for english learning. There are so many educational apps in bangladesh, that’s why english learning in bangla become easy in Bangladesh. Collect an oxford dictionary offline or dictionary bengali to english when you using this apps. Use word book for english vocabulary to improve your english words in daily use.
word book english to bangla is a offline english to bangla vocabulary for them who wants to learn english word in Bangla.This kind of offline english to bangla dictionary app . We you use it anytime you want without data connection. If you want to expert in spoken english to bengali then you must need to use this application.Beside spoken english this app helps you to improve in english vocabulary. It also help you to translate any word into english to bangla or bangla to english. In this application we organize many words with pronunciation and bangla meaning.
Spoken english to bengali is playing a vital role in our society. without have a good knowledge of spoken english to bengali we can not have a bright future. So that english to bangla is helping us to imporve ourself in bengali translate . we can take a course on bbc learning english . Because bbc learning english is very good for oral practice . For being a good speaker we have to do oral practice . i think that learning english everyday is to be our moto. if we try learning english everyday we will be success very soon. my suggestion is we have to know english idioms and phrases more and more. If we know idioms & phrases very good then it will helps us to do better. we have to practice english writing home work daily basses. what you learn do practice english writhing home work . you can also take help some of apps like as play and learn english . if you practice play and learn that's also helps you a lot. this is free app to learn english . So feel to use this free app to learn english . so far, this english learning app will give you the best result. i hope you are going to start learning english speaking soon. spoken english app have over 1000 english words with meaning . And also english words with meaning is arranged a to z. so you can easily understand word meaning english to bangla . my recommendation everybody should have this english to bangla word book with him . Thanks for using our english to bangla অ্যাপ।
যা যা থাকছে
ইংরেজি থেকে বাংলা অনুবাদ বাংলা থেকে ইংরেজি অভিধান ইংরেজি শব্দ বাংলা অর্থ ইংরেজি শেখার সহজ উপায় ইংলিশ টু বাংলা ডিকশনারী ইংরেজি শেখার সহজ বই।
english to bangla translation is a free educational app. bangla to english translation is easy to learn using this app. spoken english to bangla made easy so that you can learn. bangla dictionary is very much important for us. bangla to english dictionary learn english in bangla english grammar bangla.



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