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Collection of a wide range of background information - phone numbers and Moscow exchanges, telephone and other codes and prefixes, USSD-requests, the time difference, road distances, USAID rooms, clothing sizes, anniversaries, holidays, countries of the world, useful numbers, conversion formula, calories products, geographical reference, etc.
Moscow Phones
- Important phone numbers
- State organizations
- Regional organizations
- Health
- Culture
- Transport
- Miscellaneous
- Exchanges between Moscow and the list of PBX replacement
Phone codes and prefixes
- Codes of Russian cities
- Codes Meaux
- Countries Codes
- Prefixes of mobile operators
- USSD-requests mobile operators
- Prefixes telecommunications operators
- Codes of services of intelligent networks
Other codes and prefixes
- Automobile codes (Russia, countries of the world, USAID rooms)
- Prefixes countries barcodes
- Cola countries (Latin two-letter, three-letter Latin, Cyrillic, digital, IOC code)
- Currency Codes
Time and distance
Difference in time
- Cities of Russia and Moscow
- The countries of the world and Moscow
Car distance
- From the cities of Defense to Moscow
- From the Russian cities to Moscow
- From the cities of Russia to St. Petersburg
- Holidays in 2015
- Name day
- Wedding anniversaries
- Zodiac signs
Useful numbers
- Multipliers and consoles
- Formula transfer length, area, volume, liquid weight
- The ratio of weight and volume of products in faceted glass, dining room and a teaspoon
- Calories (kcal Caloric products 100 grams per hour of energy consumption per 1 kg)
- TV & Radio Frequencies
- ISO paper sizes
- The volume
- Sound speed
- The speed of light in different media
- Density of substances
- Holidays in 2017
- Name day
- Wedding anniversaries
- Zodiac signs
Clothes sizes
Countries of the world
- Capital Cities
- Square
- Population
- Population density
- Official languages
- Forms of government
- Currency
- National domains
- Countries on the parts of the world
- Sea Oceans
- Major sea world
- Russian Sea
- The largest lakes
- The largest island of the world and Russia
- The largest rivers and Russia
- The largest waterfalls and Russia
- The highest mountains and Russia
- The largest active volcanoes
- The longest cave and Russia
- The deepest caves and Russia
Help function now has free determination of subscriber data. It provides information about the caller, even if they are not in your contacts list. Subscriber data is displayed in a pop-up window after the call. You can customize the display of data in accordance with their preferences.
Definition of user data can be enabled or disabled in the settings at any time.



Version: 2.1

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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