stickman Mafia Criminal - Fire warfare warrior

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Enjoy epic battle against brutal stickman mafia criminals on this epic platform of shooting games that is full of guns and destruction .
Join the hero's gang in stickman crime simulator battleground and prove upon the gangsters and thugs of city that you are the real champion and gang hero of fire warfare warriors. Be into the car to move freely in this real stickman mafia criminal battle with all offline shooting games features. Set off to stealth missions but fire the most brutal guns, Locate and loot the criminal mafia in this criminal simulator game of city gangsters with all shooting missions and warfare free game. But do not ignore stickman Police because you can be chased in the city streets of gangsters crime & crossfire with the trained gunner stickman military forces will be killer for you.
Enjoy best of stickman mafia gangsters crime simulator game, best in action games category which is full of action war battlegrounds, total fun with shooting and fighting tactics of stick-man. Gangsters and gang hero are dominating the battleground initially but you have to be the grand stickamn warrior & fight against all the mafia with your shooting and warfare skills.They are wandering all over the crime city in the battle of open world crime simulator game. Yes! this is the best time for you to fulfill your dream to become the grand gang hero of Stickman Mafia Criminal games in this free game with offline features. Complete the stealth missions to eliminate the criminal mafia wandering into crime city streets & shoot all the enemies with amazing missions.
Explore the grand city criminals, steal and drive super cars, shoot guns and much more in this gun shooting game. Dominate the city mafia with devastating firepower of advance stickman military vehicles and heavy weapons like sniper rifle, SMG ,shotgun, pistol, Land Mines, Rocket Launcher (Bazooka) and heavy machine guns. Knock down all the gangsters like a true gang hero in this best crime simulator 2019 games. You have real ear strategy to compete the gangsters and release the city mafia gangs. Beat all the criminals of street fighting in this open world crime simulator so download to play this best shooting fun game. Let your city be as beautiful as it was by ending the war in your favor. Do not let it turn into crime city with blood and robbery.
Stickman Mafia Criminal - Fire warfare warrior Features:
- Amazing 3d Open world scenarios
- Thug life game simulator
- Addictive Gampeplay
- Thrilling gangster crime missions
- Battlefield full of crime gangsters
- Epic Stickman fights
- Offline shooting game
- Challenging obstacles
- Stickman gnag hero
- Best crime simulator
- street crime game
- fun games
- new games 2019
- Variety of Guns to shoot criminal mafia
Download and enjoy the best open world Stick man Mafia Criminal game- a new crime simulator game where the gangster and criminals of stickman mafia are wandering all over the city like they are the real criminal gangsters of the combat.But you are going to prove that you are the real gang hero of this amaizng crime simulator mafia game.

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Version: 1.0

Requires: Android 4 or later


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