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■ If conquer new TOEIC RC unconditional 30 days!
RC conquer new TOEIC provide the required grammar / vocabulary / comprehension of learning content,
Just feel strange new RC type, become familiar with the most faster than anyone else!
■ Smart learning materials are combined and apps!
Try learning the lessons from the textbook content effectively through the app!
【新 TOEIC RC zero short-term special features;
1. Configuration 30 days to improve the teaching and learning association learning
Put all of the young short 新 TOEIC RC configuration gibonseo 30 days
When the content learned in books subway, bus, anywhere conveniently and easily review!
It can improve learning by linking learning to twice the apps and books
2. optimized custom specific learning area consists of grammar / vocabulary / reading
TOEIC Reading Learning to read is haphazard stop now,
Learning how to optimize the offer by three areas that appear on the exam!
DAY much easier to find an area I need to learn to learn
3. The key learning comes just studying the exam
High frequency words / sentences high frequency / high frequency problems
Provide essential core academic content in the test!
There are words that do not memorize well to continue to review from the 'My vocabulary'
4. Accept the new TOEIC optimize containing new types of RC RC App
Loading type indicated sentence, text messages, triple fingerprints
The RC provides new types of content and hands-on learning problems add to the new TOEIC
You can prepare for new types of encounters RC
5. New TOEIC lectures and learning materials free of charge
When you access a variety of apps in just three seconds.
New TOEIC themed lectures and materials available!
I always prepare for the TOEIC Test
We have everything we make now
Someone might have a chance to redraw shall believe in life.
* Creation and development: ST.Unitas
* Inquiries: 1600-1517
* Facebook:



Version: 1.0.1

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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