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tag VoiceMemo is a voice recorder that can be freely tag with the playback position.
Even in such a long time of meetings and seminars, it is convenient easy to be able to playback from that position if to put tag.
tag can specify the color, if the color-coded for each speaker, you can use it more convenient.
Other features
*Freely categorize.
*Confirmation before recording with a microphone test.
*Changing the microphone volume
*Display of record remaining time.
*PCM(CD sound quality) , AAC format support.
*Record in the background
*Recording to SD card
*Automatically pause if phone is ringing. and automatic resume after the call ends.
・Share send the recording file.
If you are using a task killer, etc., App can not record successfully. If this is the case, please be set so this application will be excluded.
#system requirements
This application works at device more than Android 4.1, but approve that there is the model which does not cope partly.



Version: 1.0.3

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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