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HànBǎoBāo is the Chinese learner's companion! It's a Chinese dictionary with a twist: you can lookup dictionary definitions & convert Chinese text into Pinyin from within any app by simply tapping on the text.
Great for chatting on WeChat/HelloTalk/HelloPal to learn Chinese with native speakers.
★ Popup dictionary within any app - lookup words in Chinese or English
★ Floats over other apps, great for WeChat/HelloTalk/HelloPal/Facebook!
★ Clipboard mode - scans copied text for Chinese characters
★ Tap mode - lookup phrases just by tapping them
★ Tap individual words to see their definition
★ Automatic splits sentences into individual words
★ Tap again to split/join words - good for ambiguous sentences
★ HSK level indicators
★ Quick translate using Google Translate, Microsoft Translate, and others
★ Take off the training wheels: Hide pinyin up to a given HSK level to force you to learn the characters. You can still see the Pinyin by tapping on a word
★ Pinyin tone marks & colorization
★ Part-of-speech information
★ Supports Simplified Chinese & Traditional Chinese



Version: r10

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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