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Text to Speech (TTS) is a simple app which allows you to convert text into voice. It is basically text to voice converter app which converts any text into speech easily. In Text to Speech app you simply have to type any text in any language and press the speak button to hear your text. Text to Speech Converter will also assist you in improving the language you wish to speak. It is recommended for all age groups, especially for those people who want to learn different languages.
Text to speech online not only provides the facility to convert your text in to speech but you can also save the voice as audio file. Text to voice converter has the best user interface and easiest Text to Speech options to do your daily tasks
Text to voice – text to audio converter app is a simple app and user friendly interface. Text to speech online converts your text in real-time so that you can speak with people in different languages all around the world. Text to speech is very easy and simple application but very use full. You just have to type text or copy text and it will convert your text into voice. You can save your speech data on your device and can share in any social media messaging apps. Text to speech app is designed to minimize the problems you face in attempt of pronouncing the words correctly.
How to use Text to Speech (TTS) app:
Text to speech is the most simple and easy to use TTS app which provides your need of text to voice conversion on the first screen of the app. Just open it, Select language and start typing, or paste text which you have copied earlier, tap on the speaker icon to listen it, it will work as voice generator and the voice message can be saved as audio file, you can download it as a .wav file. Delete button will clear all the text, by copy option you can copy that text and by share you can share it to any social platform.
Features of Text to Speech (TTS):
• Text to Speech converter
• Easy Audio Saving option
• Text to audio conversion
• Increase & decrease volume
• Accurate pronunciation
• Clear voice
• Change speed of audio
• Delete text option
• Share text and audio to any platform
• Simple and Elegant User interface
• Volume Pitch and speed sliders
• Free to use
Text to Speech-Text converter app will make your life much easier. Just type or paste text in any language and it will speak the text with in no time. Text converter app provides easy audio sharing option. Download this Text to speech (TTS) converter app as it is free. Don’t forget to give us your feedback. Stay updated



Version: 1.1.7

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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