the PhoneTrack

4.19 (8)

Maps & Navigation | 6.2MB


Battery-friendly mobile app for keeping track of your family or employees
* The Phonetrack is currently under development - several of the features are in beta stage.*
LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION by using smart data sending algorithm.
Use GEOFENCES to get an alert when PhoneTrack user enters or leaves specified area.
With SOS PANIC ALERT you can be instantly aware if children need you in emergency.
SIGNALPROOF - if GPS is not available, PhoneTrack will get approximate phone location via GPRS.
STATUS UPDATES and notifications about low battery, PhoneTrack status (on/off), sleep mode, location availability etc.
LOCATION HISTORY reveals where the PhoneTrack enabled phone you are tracking was at any period of time.
REQUEST POSITION where your child is right now with single tap.
MULTIPLE PLATFORMS: use whichever platform you want - desktop, mobile Android or iPhone.



Version: 1.8.9

Requires: Android 4.0 or later


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