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tlkn is a simple and beautiful bridge to have ‘Real Conversations’. High-Definition voice calls to tlkn users are always free! You can also talk to people by calling their mobile and landline for a fraction of the cost if they are not using tlkn.
– Free High-Definition Calls
– Privacy by design – We will never collect non-essential data
– Will always be AdFree. It’s a promise
– Multiple Phone Numbers and Devices in a single account
– Calls to Mobile and Landlines at very low rates (tlkn to tlkn calls are always free)
– Share tlkn Credit with family and friends
We are on the mission to make people talk, again.
We are concerned about the future of 'generation now' who have internalized dialog, and silenced real human conversations into one-way, unemotive text messages. Emotions should be expressed in a real way and not by icons. If things continue this way, we may end up isolating humanity.
We are coming from the heart, and not aiming for acquisitions or a big buyout. We have a monetization model in place that can sustain the cause while people can call each other around the world for free. We are self-funded and plan to stay that way in order to keep our integrity and promise on privacy.



Version: 1.0.0

Requires: Android4.2 or later


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