ترجمة فورية بدون انترنت 2017

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Simultaneous translation for all languages ​​without the Internet.
Simultaneous translation for all languages ​​without the Internet.
Translation from Arabic to French.
Fast translation application translates text and lyrics for more than 40 languages ​​of this topic among the languages:
- Arabic translation French
- Arabic translation in English
- translation from Arabic to French
This is the most beautiful in the application that is available on the full interpreter for all languages ​​without Net
As well as audio format translation.
Features other names for the application:
- interpreter for all languages
- Fast Translator for all languages
- Turkish Arabic translation
- immediate translation
- Arabic translation Turkish
Rapid Translator in all languages: all languages ​​is an application that can be a normal user or professional translation of texts for all languages, fast and simple way
Rapid application of simultaneous translation to translate words, sentences and phrases for all languages ​​works without Net
French Arabic Dictionary is an application that translates words from Arabic to French or vice versa without the Internet. It contains more than 40 thousand words most commonly used in French and Arabic language to help you to translate basic daily texts and have you help in your study this dictionary is very useful for students who Bdrashallgh French as a second language and for anyone interested in studying the French language in the study or daily life.
Easy and simple dictionary contains a large number of words and meanings
- Translation from Arabic to English and from English to Arabic
Property - translate words from other programs such as the Internet browser
- quick search with suggestions for words
- read the words sound (English only)
- enter words by voice "dictate"
- Record translated words for your reference
- a list of words favorite
- Find more information about the words in the Internet (in the case of a contact)
- You can change the interface language between Arabic or English
- literal translation of the Karate
- I love the translation
- Yahoo! Maktoob
- The translation is done
- I love the translation
- great Arabic, Simplified
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translate sans internet
traduction france arabe without internet
tarjama loghat
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tarjama france arabe



Version: 3.0

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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