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◆ education and children ranking # 1 achieved!
◆ 1 month 1.6 million times play is to have six of your Miseya's pretend to enjoy app
◆ McDonald's Mac adventure, your work experience of DyDo, cakes and Play, dentist Play, hamburger and Play, service station Play, can be enjoyed in the 6 Tsunogokko play Free!
[Age] 2 years old -
◆ learn for free! Play! Educational app
"Narikiri !! pretend land" is, learn while playing interactively for free, is a children's occupation pseudo experience type of educational game app.
◆ features of Narikiri !! pretend land
· 2 to play even from a year-old child, design play with simple operation
- Easy-to-understand voice guide and finger marks on the screen
• You can be made to have a meaningful sense of accomplishment and self-confidence in children.
- Everywhere there is a point to praise in, your parents will be raised to or encouragement or praise the children.
Everywhere of-pretend the process, it has been not to take the educational elements.
For example ...
- Choose the right one as the voice and illustrations
- The numbers and understanding of new words, learning
"Narikiri !! pretend land" is, and Mom and Pop
We can enjoy together with the children.
Please give a look to put the children on top of the knee.
◆ 6 kind of pretend play
▽ "McDonald's Mac Adventure"
Try the service to make a hamburger!
Kana get how much smile from the audience?
▽ "your work experience of DyDo"
Supplemented with beverage vending machine,
Let Migako vending machines in shiny!
Do what the audience is willing to purchase the beverage?
▽ "dentist's pretend"
In accordance with the symptoms of the patients, trying to therapy! !
Dirty teeth to clean in the scrub toothpaste
Or cut tooth decay, or remove the tooth, or take a tartar
Almost like's a real dentist!
▽ "cakes and Mr. pretend"
Topic of Ginza Cozy Corner version!
And cakes that can be freely decoration,
In fact for a limited time in Ginza Cozy Corner
Special specifications in cake can make!
▽ "hamburger and Mr. pretend"
In accordance with the order of the audience to be coming to the store,
Let's make all kinds of hamburger!
Select a garnish or topping,
It completed Once sauce!
▽ "service station pretend"
Come to the shop are various types of car!
After listening to the orders successfully induced by,
Or wipe the window, or put gasoline,
Car wash, tire replacement, oil change, etc.
Trying to answer the order of the audience!
◆ Contact & bug reports
Because even give me a problem and requests to review column not be able to answer, I hope you can contact from the above e-mail.
Please ensure that you can receive an email from the domain of ※.
- Age: from 2 years old
- Price: Free



Version: 2.3.1

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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