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DD PO will subvert the traditional image transmission mode, the whole Georgia's first branch 360 ° panoramic video live APP, while HD and 24-hour live news, real-time video, political news, social Watch, motion picture entertainment, consumption and other news, play content for a full range of converged digital media platform.
The first 360 ° panoramic images live news. Screen no dead! Feel as the news site!
"24HR News"
24 hours transit news online live, they go to see what news video to follow.
"Cloud push"
Important messages, instant push exciting activities, keep abreast of news fever.
"Variety theater"
Wonderful variety, free online watch the whole drama program, chase drama best weapon!
"Focus Focus"
Category streamlined, clear page, the latest news on-line slide carousel + browsing the best visual experience.
"Instant Share"
Share post the most convenient! Refers to the completion of a share for each social networking site.



Version: 1.0.2

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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