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# Overview
uSipServer is a SIP "server" on Android.
- simple to use
- works as SIP proxy and registrar
- supports only UDP-SIP
# Quick Start Guide
Ex) use with CSipSimple as dial number "9999"
[0] configure properties below.
- Domain : SIP server domain. default value is local IP.
- Local IP : listening address to SIP message. default value is " (any)".
- Local Port : listening port to SIP message. default value is "5060".
[1] Runs uSipServer, and push [start] button.
then SIP domain will be printed as below.
"sipserver started. [@xxx]" / xxx = SIP domain
[2] Runs CSipSimple.
[3] Account setting of CSipSimple.
[menu] -> [Accounts] -> [Add account]
Account name = 9999
User = 9999
Server = xxx
Password = (don't care if User Authentication = Off)
and pushes [save] button.
[4] Check registered status of a CSipSimple.
If it is registered, then you can dial.
# User authentication configuration
User Authentication config format is below;
- user delimiter is ";" (semicolon)
- user/pass delimiter is ":" (colon)
- if "User Authentication" is vacant, the authentication function is disabled
If you add 2 users "foo" and "baz", and each passwords are "bar" and "qux", set "foo:bar;baz:qux;" to "User Authentication".



Version: 1.3.1

Requires: Android2.3.3 or later


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