Children day Greetings

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Use our predefined template to create greeting cards.
You can save or share the final greeting card.
Unique features:
1. All work in single screen.
2. Full view canvas.
3. Share stickers to social apps.
4. Share Quotes to social apps.
5. Set Greeting as wallpaper.
6. Quotes to choose from.
7. Landscape and portrate support.
8. 100+ photo effects.
9. Set Greeting as Wallpaper.
1. User can set any image as background, just touch on background (curtain) icon.
2. Messages can be personalize by handwriting messages, to do this just touch on signature icon. Message can be undone also.
3. User can apply effects to image such as sketch, touch on star icon.
4. Messages can be put in different fonts and colors, touch on T icon.
5. Sticker can be applied on image, touch on rose icon.
This app can be used as:
1. Children day Greeting maker
2. Children day Stickers shares on Whatsapp, facebook, g+ and other social network apps.
3. Wedding Anniversary quotes on Whatsapp, facebook, g+ and other social network apps.
4. Photo effects.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android2.3 or later


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