En 24 Horas Aprender Inglés 1.0

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This is the new and possibly more effective application for you to learn to speak English in 24 hours, this application will provide students, tourists, backpackers or businessmen with an audiovisual experience in how to speak the English language.
Doing business or on holiday in the United States, England or Australia? You can definitely get the best deals or if you can understand and speak English !, Are you a traveler in New York and you find yourself lost in translation? Do not worry, now you can conquer the language barrier between you and an English speaker with this application.
Too busy to sign up for an English course or may be too expensive? Not alone and we have the solution This application is designed to work with your active lifestyle! With the audio feature of this app, you can learn along the way, if you are driving, on the bus or train, running in the park or perhaps relaxing in bed, put on your headphones Just and start learning! This application gives you the easiest and most hassle-free way to learn the English language!
If you are a student academy, tourist, backpacker, adventurer or businessman, This application will ensure that speak English in 24 hours!
This app contains thousands of words in phrases to make sure you learn the easiest way.
Thank you!



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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