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We present to you one of the largest directories on the OBD-II errors (EOBD).
• Our guide will help you decipher virtually any error obtained through the scanner, simply type in the error and get the transcript.
• Our program is translated more than 96% of the errors in the Russian language.
• Our guide contains decoding error in all control units (B, C, P, U), as well as a transcript of errors from standard on-board computer in the format of 33 or 35 23 (for example, BMW vehicles).
• Your friend called you and asked to decipher mistake, no problem, just get the bug and send it through button below error "Send" in any convenient way for you.
• The program works without the Internet
• We saw some new region at a passing car and wondered where he was, that's not a problem, just click on the "777" and find the description of the code of the region, as we added country codes, you can now easily find out from which country car arrived.
 Our database contains errors for the following cars:
• Acura
• Audi
• Chevrolet
• Daewoo
• Dodge
• Fiat
• Ford
• Great Wall
• Honda
• Hyundai
• Infiniti
• Jeep
• Kia
• Mazda
• Mercedes
• Mitsubishi
• Nissan
• Opel
• Renault
• Saab
• SsangYong
• Seat
• Skoda
• Subaru
• Suzuki
• Toyota
• Volkswagen
• Volvo
• Databases will be replenished with new car brands
If you know the OBDII error, which is not in our database, please email us so we added an error in the database in the near update. Send an error can be from the program menu.




Requires: Android4.0 or later


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