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Agriculture retirement anytime with Mobile Banking application, fast and secure transactions wherever you are!
Offering easy and quick process with a user-friendly screen, you can safely process your application with our Mobile Banking. Agriculture Retirement Mobile Branch application with the contract and keep track of your policy, you can easily process your pocket. You can view your total savings amount about your individual pension contracts, you can check your state contribution details. changes in fund distribution and contribution applications with mobile branches as you can Increase Online, you can view your fund portfolio and fund distribution information. According to the collection of your contract you can view your receipt date range you choose, you can send as PDF to your e-mail address. You can call our Customer Contact Centre via mobile branches, you can easily follow our social media pages.
• Individual Retirement menu system and get detailed information about our products.
• Automatic Join menu you will find all the information that is wondering about the automatic participation.
• You can get information about our life and personal accident insurance products.
• Returns of the Fund menu you can follow the date range you want the performance of pension funds.
• You can forward your request for the product you want to know the menu Apply Now.
• You can call our Customer Contact Center to Contact Us menu.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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