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Classic "My Prayer", the free version
Orthodox Prayer + + Psalm Scripture Readings Daily News + world + Orthodox prayer for each other + Divine Liturgy
Group VKontakte - stay tuned and participate in the discussion later in life application:
as well as:
- The most commonly used hymns, canons and prayers.
- Ability to edit and make your morning and evening prayer rule.
- Ability to add your name, names of relatives and other people about whom you pray - prayer book itself substitute them in the right places of prayer.
- Reading the Psalms can be carried out both in itself and for the dead - just select from a list of names and prayer book he pulled a prayer for the dead for whom you are reading the Psalms.
- Prayer itself will change the right places in your prayers depending on the time of year, and now you do not have to look in the notes like "From Easter to Ascension instead of these lines read as follows ....".
- And of course, no cuts and everything for your convenience! Just open and read prayers.



Version: 2.2.37

Requires: Android2.3 or later


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