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If you want to google play Added dynamic images (ad) you want wallpaper app, app will not only programming, but also do not want to just for a app app shelves and shelves to pay fees, but do not want to Dynamic Photo (ad) Wallpapers app spend any fee.
Please contact the designer will be responsible to complete your wish!
Note the following services:
A Dynamic Photo (ad) wallpaper app can show 20 pictures, such as providing more than 20 will be filled again, please make a second app.
Second, because the relationship between the size of a mobile phone picture screen provided with straight picture, image-based.
Third, the app in google play download page, there is information that describes the software, content can fill out the information you want to tell everyone. If you do not want to fill in the content, designers will help fill.
Four, App can be placed in the image, the image can be: wedding, pet, portrait, cosplay, couple, landscape, individual creative works, the company's products, please contact the relevant individuals and industries!
Five, App forbidden photos, videos: bloody violence, antisocial, sex (nudity not included), do not belong to their own work ... and so on.
Designers have the right not to accept the offer and review your images.
Six, if necessary, photographic services and designers discussion will follow the region, to determine whether the contents of the shooting and shooting charges.
Seven, if urgent need retouching or picture, in accordance with the actual situation will be reviewed, charge a service fee. Designers received the case will inform the ranking process, if any, or other urgent needs, please take the initiative to contact.



Version: 0.1

Requires: Android3.0 or later


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