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Download Now Recipes Ramadan 2016 for the month of Ramadan and beautiful dishes and desserts.
Applications contain a wide range of recipes, especially in Ramadan 2016 Ramadan sweets and hors d'oeuvres and a distinctive ideas for recipes Ramadan delicacies and cuisine main dishes cooking
A comprehensive encyclopedia of recipes Moroccan cooking and the Arab specialized meals selected for the month of Ramadan, and contain a variety of dishes from the varieties:
- Soups and Moroccan pastries and cold drinks and appetizers and main dishes
Application Recipes saves you the trouble of thinking in the daily meals that you want addressed in the month of Ramadan, it contains meal integrated hydrated from the main dish and soups and drinks and diverse and delicious authorities meal breakfast also includes the daily thoughts of the morning meal on dismantling of thirty days in Ramadan
The application contains recipes from cooking delicacies and pastries Kalpatza and other dishes of meat, fish and chicken to suit all tastes
The application also has a variety of soups and chicken broth soups and precious names and other
You will find in the application of recipes to cook all of the month of Ramadan sweets and Kunafa Alktaev and Basbousa and Albesimh and mush and the mother and other favorite recipes in the month of Ramadan
 - Recipes Sweets ornaments sweets with pictures and recipes to cook easy new quick and easy cooking sites and recipes sweets pictures Vtkac cooking Manal Kitchen world the way the easy and quick to prepare desserts recipes Vtkac recipe cooking and pastry recipes Vtkac easy-to-eat recipes Algerian recipe Vtkac Sweets Ramadan work Cooker Recipes cool Balnotela Ramadan Moroccan chicken Baltost
- Contains application Recipes on major pan-Arab and international dishes Kalotabaq maize and the Libyan and Tunisian and Algerian and Chinese dishes, Italian, etc., the application contains recipes to cook on Mtnoaah main dishes, delicious and many.
- There Attbaiq recipes cooking recipes lots of pastries Kalpatza thick and high and Asattavt pizza crust and pizza with cheese and a lot of other kinds of delicious pizza and appetite.
- The application also contains other recipes from pastry
- Varied recipes sweets apply Recipes contains multiple types of ice-cream and Basbousa and Karim Caramel and other sweets and delicacies and delicious.
- Also has application recipes to cook on multiple drinks and delicious and easy to prepare.
- Saves you apply the recipes to cook the trouble of searching for recipes that you want, it has everything you want and you can get to the recipes at any time without the need to connect to the Internet.
- The application also allows to you the property that distinguish it and is to enter a component you have to get the recipe proper cooking, which saves you a lot of money and makes you enjoy the delights of delicious delicacies and potentials available to you.
This application Recipes Sweets contain (without the internet) a lot of cooking recipes and recipes simple and easy to prepare desserts and affordable .tjdan here easy Sweets, economic and recipes Cooking, simplify you the secrets of delicious global recipes for free and check boring.
chhiwat maghribiya gratuit sans internet
✓ You can search for a particular recipe and easily
✓ works without Internet wasafat al halawiyat
✓ Easy to use for the whole family
✓ quick recipes to prepare
- The modus operandi of the beehive Sweets
- Cook rice with vegetables way
- Tart padding decent bananas and apples
- The modus operandi of decent pasta
- Coil samosas cream
- Steak sauce pepper
- Smoked salmon rolls
- Spaghetti with cream cheese
- - Wasafat tabkh maghribiya sahla
- Spaghetti with shrimp and cream
- Ice cream, yogurt and strawberries
- Strogonov meat wasafat sahla
- Coil chicken Erat
- Pasta, smoked salmon
- Cheese balls padding grapes
- Ornaments kiwi white chocolate
- Hot cocoa wasafat tabkh
- Creamy mushroom soup wasafat sahla
- Chicken curry coconut milk
- Potatoes Chinese way is not the easiest
- Potato balls Balbashimil
- Ice cream roses wasafat tabkh
- Ornaments cream Broulih wasafat sahla
- How to prepare Cupcake
- The modus operandi of chocolate cake
- Application Recipes is an application that lets you insert the component that you have for example, you can enter the word "meat" and click on the Search button to find all the recipes that contain meat or can insert the word orange you will find everything that can be played from its recipes containing oranges.
- Recipes Sweets is an application that contains delicious and tastier cooking recipes and recipes sweets eastern, western and Moroccan and Libyan and Tunisian and Algerian and Chinese dishes and Italian kitchen Manal world that can be prepared at home with ease and short time.
- Enjoy the most delicious recipes Arab pastries and global, you will find application pastries are delicious.
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Requires: Android4.0 or later


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