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Zip code can be easier to find! ! This app allows you to search at any time you want information on anyone simple operation.
You the best of comfortable and want to crisp search! !
Since this app will use to download the zip code data on your device, it does not depend on the state of the net environment during use.
You can comfortably use anytime, anywhere.
New Year's card, the creation of Summer postcard, auction of the shipper, you can use in everyday business, such as billing.
You know that the ads get in the way of the operation?
This app has been handled properly so that it does not appear ads during the operation.
By all means, please feel safe and comfortable operation.
= How to use =
● pretend - Please input such as single-byte numbers or town name that you want to examine, of 7 digits from 1 digit (except the hyphen) is a word search. For us the answer to the matched data to the list. If is narrowed further by entering the place name when there are many number of lists, you should find your Looking town.
● Tadoritsuke only when you search from the prefectural government will choose an item from the list of start-up screen to the town of purpose.
= Data cited source =
It should be noted that the data in the app uses the data of April updated version 2015 from Japan Post Corporation.
The developer of this app is authenticated to the official developers of andro riders as a developer of safe and secure application.
This app is a security Checked andro riders certified app!
An app that can be used with peace of mind we have to introduce a lot.



Version: 2.1.3

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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