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Baby application; 0-12 months of your baby, offering advice and useful information on healthy growth is going to support you and help sweet problem you are having your first year. everything in this application together on the mother and baby into the world. Moreover, expert opinion of your house with your comfort and your baby feel safe.
With the baby practices;
* Day as a day can play a role in the development of your baby with special tips conscious mother to your baby's development.
* Your baby's first stand up that day, the first festival, the first sound sleep sleep in the day, the first tooth remove that day, the first birthday, the first effort of the day, when the first laugh, first floor and eat that day, when he spoke his first words, when it sits for the first time, the first New Year's Eve entertainment, he walked for the first time, you can create custom baby cards tumbled when your baby for the first time, you can keep this beautiful memory of a lifetime.
* You can read private information for our dear father on Father's corner.
* You can get specific information to save your baby's birth your baby from day to day.
* Read to your baby in special care baby care tips around the corner.
* How do you feed your baby at feeding process in which corner you will find information about it should.
* Postpartum mothers after the birth of our corner you will find all the information it needs.
* You can find all of the precautions you need to take your surroundings for a safe train baby safety corner.
* Errors in the corner, the most common errors you may have already read the information. So you are not exposed to this bug.
* Depending on the season you need to take precautions in the corner Seasonal suggestions, and you'll find you need to follow the seasonal road map.
* Baby Tracker corner from month to month can track your baby's growth story, about your baby should do what you can for that month prior knowledge.
For more information and suggestions to us;
The address can be found on info@hamile. and http://hamile..
Healthy and happy with your wishes raising a child ...



Version: 50

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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