Blokstok Cricket

4.5 (8)

Sports | 66.4MB


Blokstok Cricket has one-touch + swipe based gameplay which is easy to learn but hard to master.
In a time when cricket games are becoming more detailed and complex and harder to learn- Blokstok Cricket is an addictive game because like many old classic games, anybody can pick-up and start playing this game and learn it almost instantly.
Blokstok Cricket gives the real feeling of cricket- of being behind the crease and patiently batting and while keeping the eye on the ball one needs to take snap-decisions and have great hand-to-eye coordination to be sure that one's shot placement and batting makes one overcome challenges and win matches-- because whether one loses due to bad-luck or lacking skills or distraction...
Cricket is a game which happens by chance and this game gives that feeling of cricket... without degenerating into randomness!
Come on guys, stop searching to download 10 minute video of Ankita Dave and her brother and try to play cricket instead!



Version: 1.999

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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