Car Racing - Honda Accord Hybrid

3.5 (10)

Simulation | 54.2MB


Classics are always valued higher than modern show-off.
Car Racing - Honda Accord Hybrid - want to drive a fast sports car on the latest innovations,
different models and game modes then this app is for you.
Feel the full power of cars in Self Driving Mode -
free ride around the city, waiting for its driver on the coolest cars.
The most comfortable cars for movement in urban traffic jams are waiting for you here!
Test yourself, your skills and your nerves in the traffic mode.
Choose a car that fits exactly your driving style.
Make this car unique with the most modern workshop to change the look of the car.
Hang new spoilers, change the tires depending on the mod you choose, be it drive or drag.
Fiddle or reduce the number of horse forces and the number of revolutions.
Pimp your engine to the full in a modern garage for cars.
Compare the cars in the application and select the best one, and then leave your mentor with the choice under the application.
Ride with a breeze, but at the same time observing the rules of the road, otherwise you run the risk of running into the cops.
Explore the entire city to find as many hidden corners as possible, disguised passages,
and then use it found in ring mode or escape from the cops.
This game was created for you!
The cars have a great music system, so listen to your favorite music and enjoy the great bass while driving.
Click on the pedal to enjoy new driving simulator.
Concept cars and custom cars with 6x6 and 4-runner will be added in new updates.
Look for SUV cars in other simulators of our developer.
You can compete with your friends and check whose skill is higher in DRAG Friends Mode.
Game mods:
- Time limit drag
- Drift on winding slopes
- Free ride through the city
- Driving with and without an instructor
- Parking academy (Front parking, Rear parking, Parallel parking)
- Traffic drive
Exclusive: Ability to try out a Police Turn
Car List:
- Opel Insignia OPC
- Mazda 6
- Audi A5
- SEAT Exeo
- BMW M3
Engine types:
- V6
- V8
- V12
- Hybrid cars
- Electrocars
- Concept cars (in new updates)
- Stunning Graphics
- Custom Service
- Easy Settings
- Damage system ( Be ready!)
- DRAG Friends Mode
The most featured self car driving simulator with the most realistic gameplay - Car Racing - Honda Accord Hybrid!



Version: 1

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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