Prado Car Parking City Drive: Prado Car Games

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Approach the car park space parallel at finest speed. An open challenge for the Prado lovers to park daringly yet in most proficient manner on the sky high parking lots! Get behind the running wheels.
Hi Prado Driver! This is an open challenge of parking on the sky high parking lots. Get behind the revolving wheels, way the location, and drift aside to park. Tug the steering in the direction of car park and pull the handbrake simultaneously. Here you go.
There, we put the lots of parking challenges, in this Prado car parking game. A smart Prado driver like you needs to know how to use the parking brakes. Now accelerate your Prado at fullest, full ACCELERATION. Voila.. You are now parking champ.
We tried to put lifelike Prado parking experiences in every level in different ways. That’s why you are going to learn and practice something real in this parking car games play.
Driver! Finest example of to do some crazy parking fun! Think of front and back gear sticks, all it took. Around the parking cars, parking by backing up car steering to put rear part in the car space and then twisting your car straight in car park.
We are offering the parking challenges never done before in this free car games play. Seems very difficult to park Prado but the very skill-full Prado driver can do that. Don’t try to park before analyzing the car park, your Prado and the high roof top car parks.
Your Prado car is 4X4 Prado with engine powerful enough to perform tones of parking challenges on the roof top. This driving cars game is offering the finest graphics; realistic sounds and lifelike parking fun comprised of physics based challenges.
Boss! A stimulating experience of prado parking is pretested for you in multiple game levels in city parking lots. The best way to experience the prado car parking is by getting behind the wheels of modern prado. Complete your parking tasks in timely fashion while show what you got behind the steering wheels.
In this free car games chose your prado car from the garage, pull the steering, turn your and a classic parking fun. In starting level follow the parking instructions and then just find your city car parks. Grab the free parking opportunity and drift into parking lots designed for the prado’s.
Intuitive prado car driving controls, lifelike parking solutions, and city environments make new car games experience awesome. Most amazing fun about this prado drive games play is manually parking practice, and driving along the car lots.
• Stunning 3d and cutting edge graphics are used
• 20 precise and carefully designed parking levels
• Fun as dream prado car controls first time used
• Challenging! one wrong and level is over
• Automatic to manually controlled parking prado’s
• Totally offline car parking game



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.0.3 or later


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