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Your long-awaited holiday vacation is going to the be the adventure of a lifetime. You’re going on a trip around the world and enjoy plenty of mini-games along the way.
Everyone loves a holiday, and this trip is going to be the biggest adventure you’ve ever had in your life. You get to design your own awesome passport, pack your bags, and catch a plane to explore the world. There will be plenty of sights to see and food to eat. Plus, you’ll have a chance to play plenty of fun mini-games featuring the different places on the map that you’ll visit during your holiday adventure.
How to Play:
• You’ve been waiting forever for your vacation
• You’re making this one a huge adventure to make up for it
• Play lots of fun mini-games
• Design your cool passport to show all the places you’re going
• Pack your bag up
• Get on the plane and go
• Hamburger Maker
• Animal Spot the Difference
• Grassland Maze
• Kangaroo Food Collection
• Ramen Challenge
• Dress Up
• Your vacation is going to be off the hook fun
Are you ready to take the trip of a lifetime? All of the fun you’re going to have will be on a whirlwind vacation. Download now to start seeing the world.
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Requires: Android 4.1 or later


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