Demolition Derby Car Crash Monster Truck Games

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Are you ready for battle in arena? If yes then welcome to Demolition Derby Car Crash Monster Truck Games of 2019.The games is full pack of action, racing, shooting and stunts in open world environment. Play as extreme derby car driver perform stunts with multiple derby cars and chase the enemies’ car in arena to demolish the crashing cars and monster truck.
Demolition Derby Car Crash Monster Truck Games is a new unique realistic car simulator game. Race your car destroy, damage, demolished monster truck by hitting and shooting is a real exciting game in google play store. Extreme stunts with multiple monster cars and racing with monster trucks then knock out the enemy truck using critical drifting skills. Become a best survivor in all over competitions and win the new gt derby cars for amazing stunt and shooting. Take perfect aim and shoot the enemy gt monster truck and get the multiple points.
Modern demolition derbies cars design for destruction car game lovers. They will be enjoy many other crashing like car crash, perform ramp stunts, drive and drifting, shooting and fighting against monster truck until they will be crash. Crazy stunts perform in new open world environment drive muscle car for high jump and tricks in skies. Demolition Derby Car Crash Monster Truck Games have different rules required to have a seat belt and helmet, roll over bars and cages inside the vehicle is very important before start battle driver will be lined up on track. Drive be carefully in battleground when car will losses power or damage so you will be lose the chance, again prepare car engine and start battle in arena.
American derby car ready for ultimate battle against monster truck so conquer the battleground. Realistic car physic base game make you’re challenging more thrilling and exciting become pro driver burnout every obstacle like smash bang hitting. Robotic machine gun attached with derby car so enemy car can easily shoot out, give maximum destruction to your derby opponents gt car it is very tough so control in your hand destroy enemy vehicles into pieces in banger racing game.
Time is being fasten your seat belt and win the race for glory in action pack simulation game. Become real demolished car driver in racing game, auto shoot derby car ready for drive and stunts complete you’re challenging mission get cash reward as performing any xtreme monster truck destruction.
Demolition Derby Car Crash Monster Truck Games of 2019 Feature:
-5 monster power engine epic car models
-15 unique levels
-Realistic car physics Smooth Game play Control
-Amazing smash, crash and shooting Sounds effect
-Multiple stunts props, ramps hurdle and oil drum
-Offline play in Battle arena
-3 different type of controls (Buttons, Tilt, steering)
-Time challenging missions
-Real user Interface Animation
-Day mode Game-play
-Fearless classic derby cars



Version: 1.0.1

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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