E.D.M Electro House Dj Loops

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Electro music Dj Loops Pads, Be real Dj, Create music and make Ringtones, Record your own Electro house loops and Share music with friends, Studio Quality Dj mixing with Powerful
EDM Electro loops and Electro House Dj Loops ,Be real Dj ,Create your own music and share music with friends. Make Music Ringtones with high quality electro loops, Drums and bass beats. Electro Ringtone music maker.
Best Summer Electro Dj Loops, E.D.M Electro House music Party Mixer.
Over 250 Electro Beats and Music quality Dj loops to mix.
Powerful EDM Electro Beats, Powerful Synth leads, Fast & Furious Drum and Bass, Electro House Loops
Record music Loops, Share music with friends, Make your own music..
Connect your Mobile or Tablet to external speakers via bluetooth and make best party shows.
Create the best mix for all styles of your favorite Electro dance music.
Music makes you feel better, Enjoy with friends, enjoying the music, enjoying the atmosphere, something else,
or have fun with E.D.M Electro House Dj Loops.
Anytime If you
feel drained, stressed, overworked, or bored EDM & Electro House
Dj-Pad will fix it.
Enjoy quality loops and become a professional Dj. Make your own music and share it with friends.
Mix music with friends and have fun with E.D.M Electro House Dj Loops

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What's New E.D.M Electro House Dj Loops

E.D.M Electro House..
Make E.D.M loops..
Stability improvements and bug fixes..



Version: 5.8

Requires: Android 4.1 or later


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