Electronic ORG 2017

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1/Learn to play the piano on your telephone or tablet! The real piano ORG will guide you through the lessons and the sessions of free game(set,play) to learn you to read the partitions(scores) and to play the jazz, the classical music, the blues. You will learn all the major agreements and how to read the partitions(scores), to take yourselves on your path(way) to become a real pianist!
2/Let your child develop their love of the music. Your child or are going to adore this game(set,play) of piano. When your children will affect(touch) screen. This Electronic piano ORG for children is friendly game(set,play) of kids, music professor children and it is also an assistant-mother to baby-sit the children peace. Children of soft piano is preferred by the children.
3/ORG : Oriental Keyboard has a digital piano (portable keyboard) view with a blue virtual liquid crystal display. Panel coloration, Comma, seen keys (widths of the keys), reverb, equalizer, rhythm quantity and fashion (rhythm) tempo, preserve, filter out and whoosh outcomes can be adjusted
Electronic ORG 2017 is an instrument of electronic keyboard and org is now a very popular application at hand
- Real Organ com.oklatmaghribya.ramdankarim
- You can acquire some experience(experiment) with this game(set,play).
- Sounds are original.
- Sound quality of the studio - complete Keyboard - An excellent set of piano/real keyboard - free and funny - to Play in a loop - You can play several notes at the same time.
- Work with all the resolutions of screen.
- Instrument of intelligent organ
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Version: ORG 2017

Requires: Android2.3 or later


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