Karaoke Microphone Speaker Simulator

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Karaoke Microphone Speaker Simulator
Karaoke Microphone Speaker Simulator - microphone simulator with built-in speaker!
Karaoke in your phone as a joke!
Entertainment for fans of singing!
Develop your voice!
Learn how to play the most difficult songs!
Sing the songs of your favorite singers!
The louder and more beautiful you will be able to sing, the more points you will get!
Sing at the top of your voice, opening up new microphones with extra features!
Collect the entire collection for unforgettable home concerts!
Play your friends, try yourself in different styles!
Pop, rock, rap or opera singing!
Choose the right one for you!
Arrange music battles with friends!
Compete at parties as a performance of your favorite songs!
Feel yourself a star of the scene!
Learn to correctly take high notes!
Become a vocalist with a wide voice range!
Perform festive songs at solemn events!
Glad your loved ones with the beauty of your vocals!
Take your first steps in singing now!
Attention! The application was created for the sake of jokes and entertainment!
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Version: 1.7

Requires: Android 4.1 or later


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