Long Hair Princess 2 Royal Prom Salon Dance Games

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A stranger broke into the garden, where the evil witch had imprisoned the princess with the magical hair for many years. The princess cut her hair to save her rescuer. The evil witch drove princess away because she became useless to her once she was without her hair. The unknown man told the princess that he was a prince, and he promised to send her home. The long-haired princess finally reunited with her family. Everyone lit lanterns and sent them to the sky to celebrate the returning of the princess. The king and queen held a ball to celebrate the returning of the princess and publicly made an announcement to invite everyone to participate
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Product Features:
- Princess, this is your first Palace Ball in your life. You can invite your guest.
- DIY the best royal invitation card style
-Deliver your invitation to guests by royal pigeons
- What style of princess' crown should be? You can DIY your princess' style.
- Use the reality tools to make the most special princess' crown frame
-Find the jewels in the treasure-house and inset into the princess' crown
-Make a beautiful and gorgeous hairstyle for your first royal palace ball
- Dress up long hair princess for royal palace ball
- Clean up and decorate the royal hall before the ball
- Finally, the ball is going well but...
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Version: 1.1

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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