Modi Game

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Arcade | 6.0MB


Modi Game is a game which comes with a Sweet Message with it.
This Game is Causal Game with Full of Entertaining Tools.
You can enjoy Modi Game with High quality Graphics and Animation with Various Sound Effects.
How to Play ???
* Choose your Gaming Mode.
You can enjoy the game with Sensor or Button.
* Trying to Collect the Objects in Dustbin
* Collect Heart for Increase the Life of Modi.
* Make Highscore and Submit it to Server.
* Try to Get highest Score nd Submit. May you get the Highest Score over the Modi Game.
√----This Game is Design for All (Kids ,Children , Youngster , Old Man... Any body Can Enjoy the Game)
Keep Spread the Message of "Cleaning India" by Sharing the Game
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Version: 21.2

Requires: Android2.2 or later


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