Animal Hunting: Safari 4x4 armed action shooter

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Are you fond or curious to compete with real hunters, shooters, riflemen and for learning how to load a gun, how to bow or rifle? By playing this best
Animal Hunting: Safari 4x4 armed action shooter game
. Multiple different shooting weapons like gun, pistol, shotgun, and crossbow. There you have to provide a chance to shoot a Duck, Wolf, Grizzly, Deer, and many wild animals. If you are ready to enjoy different wild hunter and shooter modes like free hunt, sport hunting campaigns, hunting competition, and dreaming to play new stunning shooting with real wild animals and hunting locations so download this 4x4 safari hunting now. Just collect your hunting gear, load a gun, make sharpen your hunting experience & senses, the time starts to shoot wild animals in realistic hunting levels and Shooting modes. Be a real sniper hunter, sniper shooter and answer the call of the wild animals!
✱ Create Hunting Clubs!
Enjoy new features of hunting games like hunting clubs! By playing this best free
Animal Hunting: Safari 4x4 armed action shooter game
you will feel nothing is more exciting than hunting. Join already existing hunting clubs or create a new one and play classic FPS animal Shooter with your fellow hunters too! Make Hunting together and compete for the hunt with each other in time-limited levels!
✱ Stimulating 3D Graphics
Wild Hunting animals with enticing 3D graphics are set in jungle wild challenge with ancient hunter weapons. Spy too closely on your hunted animal. Now take aim and pull the trigger carefully!
✱ Animal hunting championships - compete now!
Become the renowned animal hunting expert! In this Wild Hunt, you can participate for free. Hone your hunting skills in the way of perfection and prove you’re the real animal hunting master! Let the best shooter win! Play this classic hunting game ow.
✱ All real Animals with Real Location
Travel towards realistic hunting locations starts and hunt real animals that are naturally inhibiting territories. Hunt a tiger, giraffe, deer, a Gazelle, hippopotamus, rhino, hyena, or a bear in entrap a walrus in the Arctic Ocean (Russia), India, USA, pursue a rhinoceros in the Nile (Egypt), target a dingo in the Australian and much more in this
Animal Hunting: Safari 4x4 armed action shooter game
✱ Pick your favorite Weapon
Get your sniper hunter and safari survival weapons from free hunting equipment or buy new ones. You have to choose between M24, rifles, pistols, Barrett M82 a shotgun, SAKO TRG, Steyr SSG 69, Barrett M95 and just show your archery and best hunting skills with a sports action
Animal Hunting: Safari 4x4 armed action shooter game
→ Hunt to: grizzly, bear, deer wolf, and more in wild animals
→ Go for hunting in the mountains, forests
→ Visit hunting regions like Australia, Europe, Africa, India, Asia or America
→ Be aware of the wind, rain and different types of gear!
→ Hone to your hunting skills from 4x4 safari shooting
→ Have hunting fun and meet hunting expectations in this exciting hunting club events!
This super safari hunting is developed by the talented creators – one of best & top Shooting game, Sniper hunter safari, sniper shooter, jungle safari– Safari Wild Hunting is an action-packed sports game and wolrd of hunting with very captivating graphics based and on real worldwide hunting locations. This shooting game is totally advanced on the whole new level - finally, something that feels like it’s really 2019 4x4 Safari action armed hunting game to become the best sniper animal hunter in the animal hunting and shooting world!



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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