Summon Legends

4.285 (7)

Strategy | 46.7MB


The most strategic card battle
A whole new concept for card battles
New paradigm for summoning and combat
Build invincible decks for RPG card battle
◆ Turn-based strategic card battle ◆
◆ Summon real 3D Monsters! ◆
◆ Real-time network duel ◆
■■■ Game info ■■■
▶ A new kind of monster battle!
▶ Customize your own deck to fight formidable enemies.
▶ About 400 real 3D monsters summoned by cards
▶ Surprise your opponents with unpredicted strategies.
▶ 8 classes of heroes available
▶ Voices recorded by professional voice actors
▶ Compete globally with players from all over the world!
Your review will be a great help to the developers
Collect the cards and summon the monsters!
About 400 Distinct units to summon
Use strategy to dominate the battlefield!
Summon your units onto the battlefield!
Breathtaking real-time tactical battle
It’s all yours to experience
Destroy your enemies with powerful spells!



Version: 1.0.20

Requires: Android 4.1 or later


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