Super Monster Blue Whale Shark Game

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Simulation | 24.1MB


Shark attack the crazy shark challenging simulator game is here. Become the real super killer shark of the blue seas and munch on scared humans on a massive level. Sharks and blue whales have evolved themselves so that they can be threatening and dreadful creatures able to tear apart their victim when they are hungry or angry. The blue beach is full of innocent people and tiny cute fishes so that the shark can eat them and live off there flesh. Attack everyone around you when they are unaware and be the mighty killing and crazy blue sea creature of all times, scare everyone so that you guarantee a kill. The game is designed in an enormous 3D environment to give you the real experience.
You are not the only killing machine in this blue sea, there are other fishes and creatures as well. Mind your health, hunger and super energy indicators – if one of them drops, you ultimately may die immediately! Swim in the Blue Ocean fearless and expanses, search for little fish to kill them and eat them as your dinner, find the tiny fish or so-called plankton to feed. Giant blue killer whales live in pods for survival challenge and your real mission is to explore the deep ocean in this crazy Super Monster Blue Whale Shark Game. Experience the life of wild killer blue whales in this survival and attack simulator. Massive Ocean survival is a team effort, but you are not a team you are on your own, all alone in this blue ocean to kill and survive a super life. It is hard and challenging missions even for gigantic creatures like blue massive whale and shark. Experience the life of the cruel and biggest animals ever known to have lived on Earth who survive. The size of amazing blue whale is an actual massive 100 feet which is bigger than a Boeing airplane and weigh up to super 200 tones. Blue whales feast on real small fishes and other sea animals they kill to fulfill their hunger and survive in deep blue sea. Complete the survival challenge kill and hunt the super tiny fishes and swim freely in huge underwater, stay away from the killer and poisonous fishes in this amazing blue water environment. Unleash attack of the cruel whales on other fish and sea animals - you’re a real massive big blue whale shark, but still have to fight for survival and life. You are against the poisonous blue see creatures and against death from hunger. Ocean has plenty of tiny fish for you to eat! Find your place among it with wild blue killer whales in wild water.
*Key Features*
1. High quality 3D graphics & immersive gameplay
2. Fantastic blue whale shark survival simulator
3. Smooth controls for swimming, diving and attacking
4. Action packed fun game
5. Intuitive game Control
6. Nice Under Water Effects



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.0 or later


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