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Bonjour! Let's follow the academy Drill Sergeant's instructions in order to clear assault course army basic training course and become a special force soldier in fire game battleground. Take admission in national guard military academy to pass initial entry training in US Army Training School Game - Army Games School For Obstacle Course race.
Enter military academy boot camp for combat training, physical training, free fire shooting game training, that will leads you to clear also mental training. Step into shoes of a commando one man army see how tough is to step up from ordinary to extraordinary.
The army training cadet school is set for Basic Combats Training against real gangster crime. Get into US army training school to be an extraordinary special force military commando fighter.
US Army Training - Army School For Obstacle Course (Free Fire - gun shoot training ) under special forces command for survival squad soldier who need to complete obstacle course race.
Step into shoes of army soldier war commando and schedule your life according to military Commando Training Academy. Be an honorable Russian Army Training officer to Protect the state from evil terrorists & deadly criminals in US Army Training Academy: Special Force Course and India Army training game course too.
Brand new US army special force training (Military Commando training) game for all who like to play army free fire game - Special Force in the survival battleground by completing the target shooting in survival shooting arena. All war hero join hands as a firing squad. They are going to world war. As the strongest hero you have to use all your super powers and strengths to fight of all the evil powers being used. You have been provided with all the military training required for this war.
This US army survival training is pack of addictive and thrilling special force training mission. If you love army training simulator game so this is perfect for you. In US army training game, each mission is fully loaded with challenging hurdles and combat training tools to survive in any circumstance during wars. It would be possible if you would complete all the pieces of training mandatory in order to join special operations forces. It’s the time to be a loyal officer of US and Russian army training schools and feel pride of becoming a prestigious member of army training boot camps and military force. So, you are on the special course training of the commando.
Being a Special Force army hero, you need to do work hard to enjoy the commando school training. Special Force Training: Army Training Game is a special force training game. The training school of the Special Forces has some amazing exercises and training course that will made a layman into a commando. The army training courses include obstacle course, where many different obstacles are put in the path and then the army trainer trained the player to jump them, without getting hurt. Don’t try to let yourself down be a special force soldier and complete all the army commando training that you get in the basecamp.
Train yourself at the US Army Training Game - Army Game School For Obstacle Course. You have been a part of a police force for a long time. Now get ready to battle the war against the crime. Before you go for the war to the battleground just train yourself to get more skills like shooting, fighting, running and dodging.
Features of US Army Training - Army Game:
• Free Fire shooting game levels for survival squad soldier
• To facilitate firing squad in fire game survival battlegrounds
• unknown battlegrounds environment for target shooting
• best crossfire target shooting environment
• Realistic Army Base Camp.
• Trained yourself as an Army Commando.
• Complete soldier training from ground to firing range
• Different guns with different gun range
• Breathtaking Training Course.

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