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Get ready for some intense VR shooting Games VR Elite Commando 2019 This scary adventure game is desgined to give you thrils of your life time by total immersive 360 head control with no extra VR controller required. Enjoy the VR Elite Commando 2019
VR Elite Commando 2019 The virtual shooting environment with realistic vr gun games controls are developed in game, to give the user a thrilling and outclassed gameplay of the fps shooting, the player need to control the sniper by just moving the head, Look around from your position to find criminals. Aim for three seconds and sniper shoot automatically after countdown. Get ready for action against evil. Just play by using your VR goggles Choose your gun range and test your aiming skill and how quick you are Virtual Reality Shooting Range for Cardboard will challenge you to shoot down dynamic shields as quick as possible, counting every bullet. You have to be complete assault assignment while working as an elite Gun Shooter range Assassin in a criminal’s base camp. Now there are different levels in which you have to clear the area from criminals wearing the dress of army. Your commando duty is to shoot any enemy you see right away. The criminals will not attack.
The VR Elite Commando 2019 game is a brand new addition to the genre of VR shooter games due to its amazing mixed reality gaming effects along with high-poly textures and HD graphics. Get in the virtual reality world to play the multiple gun shooting missions and stand alone in the war zone for the sake of your country The game consists of 10 stages. After completing the first thrilling level you will permute to the next further crazier mission level the game will progress onwards.They spotted you among the elite soldiers, based on your previous encounter against military forces and terrorists. So the VR sniper commando mission is just about to begin, but first a quick briefing about VR combat mission against and details of the operation. fight for life in a combat as frontline commando now with VR and Games option.
VR Elite Commando 2019 Make sure you keep yourself well focused and determined as it will be a do or die situation. Wish you all the good luck in this adventure of VR game.You can also enjoy this VR video game by connecting a video game controller (aka Joystick) gamepad controller for the player movements and use the mobile gamepad keys for the shooting and other actions. Shooting Experience the smooth controller emulation for the first time and double your fun in no time.
How to Play: VR Elite Commando 2019
1. In this modern assassin gun shooter VR, you have to aim the enemies for zoom and then it would auto fire.
2. HD graphics, music and voice performances perfectly adapted.
3. Supported by all Android devices.
4. Aim for the head; shoot once and accurately, to stay away from their onslaught.
5. The gun reloads automatically.
6. Compatible with almost all the VR headsets and virtual reality devices.
7. Addictive VR gameplay.
8. The gun fires and reloads automatically.
9. Auto switching between walk and run mode.
This VR Elite Commando 2019 game also runs on mobiles without a gyroscope, but is experienced best with a gyroscope. Please note that Samsung Gear VR support through Oculus may work through emulator, but is not officially supported at this stage. Android tested Google vr Cardboard shooter viewers includes: (VR)Box,New Vr VR Elite Commando 2019 game and show off your perfect shooting skills to free the area. Survive in the intense warfare as an urban spy commando shooter and don’t lose a single battle.
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Version: 1.0

Requires: Android4.4 or later


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