Crorepati Quiz 2018 in Hindi

4.2 (19)

Educational | 7.2MB


Features of the game :-
• All the questions are translated in Hindi language.
• Loads of questions from from all the areas which will help you improve your general knowledge to a great extent.
• Featuring Play Leader Board and Achievements.
• New questions will be added in regular intervals.
Rules of the game :-
• There will be 15 questions in each session with the prize money starting from 5000 for the first question to 7 CRORE for the 15th question.
• The first 5 questions need to be answered in restrictive time. First 5 questions have time limit of 60 seconds. From sixth(6th) question onwards, there is no time restriction and you can take as much time as you want.
• Two Milestones or Padao are there on question 4th and 8th . If you reach first milestone i.e. 40,000 and you answer any question wrong until second milestone (6,40,000) then you’ll take home at least 40,000.
• The next milestone is 6,40,000 if you reach until eighth question then you’ll take home at least this amount with you, irrespective of you answering the question wrong.
• Also you can quit anytime if you don't want to take risk.
• Four lifelines will help you win the game.
Also remember its virtual money not real.



Version: 2.1

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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