1500 All Math Formulas

1500 All Math Formulas

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This is the new app that You never ever seen before in this play Store. All essential Math Formula(more than 1500) for all android users with zoomable images. it covers 12 chapters in Offline content(If you are in offline the advertisements will not be appear). You don't need internet to read formulas. From this app, you will get 1500+ math formulas and equations. With formula, you will get proper diagram, so that you will understand formula easily. You can read formula easily from this mathematics formulas app. Additionally you will get motivational quotes as notification each an every day. so you can start your day by self motivated. If there is any suggestions kindly give feedback to me. and finally this is my first app please support. thank you.
Formulas covered in this app
- Arithmetic operations
- Exponent Properties
- Properties Of Radicals
- properties of Inequalities
- properties of Absolute Value
- Distance Formula
- Complex Numbers
- Logarithms and Log Properties
- Factoring Formulas
- Factoring And Solving quadratic Formula
- Square Root Property
- Absolute Value Equations
-Functions and Graphs
02.Analytic Geometry
-Lines in Two Dimensions
-Line Forms
-Line segment
-Triangles in two dimensions
- Circle
- Conic Sections
- Planes in three Dimensions
- Definition for Trig Functions
- Identities And Formulas
- unit Circle with examples
- Inverse Trig Functions
- Law of sines, Cosines, and Tangents
- Table of Angle
- Angle transformation
- Half/Double/Multiple angle formula
- Sum of functions
- Product of functions
- Powers of functions
- etc more than 15 pages
04.Differential Equations
-1st order Homogeneous
-1st order Non- Homogeneous
- 2nd order Homogeneous
- 2nd order Homogeneous
- Linear equations
06.Matrices And Determinants
- Basic Operations
- Cramers Rule
- The Determinants
- Distributions
- Exponential Distribution
- Binomial Distribution
- Joint Distribution
- Marginal Distribution
- Independent
- Conditional Probability
- Inequalities
- miscellaneous
- Arithmetic and Geometrical Series
- Special Power Series
- Taylor and Maclaurin Series
- set theories
- Formula for three-component set problems
- population
- sample
- Mean
- Median
- Variance
- Standard Deviation
- Standard Error
- T-test
- Chi - Square Test
- Multiple Experiments
11. Calculas
- Functions and Their Graphs
- Limits of Functions
- Definition and Properties of the Derivative
- Table of Derivatives
- Higher Order Derivatives
- Application of Derivative
- Multi variable Functions
- Differential Operators
- Integrals of Trigonometric Functions
- Integrals of Hyperbolic Functions
- Integrals of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
- Reduction Formulas
- Definite Integral
- Improper Integral
- Double Integral
- Vector Coordinates
- Vector Addition
- Vector Subtraction
- Scaling Vectors
- Scalar Product
- Vector Product
- Triple Product
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