9420 WiFi ReConnector

9420 WiFi ReConnector

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Tools | 86.8KB | Update: 2020-08-05 | Version: 1.0.1 | Requires: Android3.0 or later

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9420 wifi ReConnector(Your WiFi....TwentyFourSeven)After trying numerous "WiFi Keep Alive" apps on google Play, my "Android Stick" was still out-of-network after a day. So I wrote my own and (so far) it has been "alive" for more than a week now. Post on Google Play just in case it could be beneficial to the public. "9420 WiFi ReConnector" maintains Internet access 24x7 (thru WiFi)by probing Internet availability every 120 seconds and restart the WiFi subsystem upon necessities.[Target Audiences] Anyone who uses Android device that - needs 24x7 Internet connectivity thru WiFi such as day/night downloading, IP camera monitoring - resides in the place where the WiFi APs are unstable (hence lost of connections, always) Android device could be... - Android Stick - Android TV - Any devices that runs Android as the servers,e.g. Android server for IP Camera networks (home monitoring)[Who should "not" use this app] - Anyone who's sensitive toInternet traffic volume, or battery-only power source. - Device that has mobile-data connectivity enabled (a.k.a. has SIM)[Features] - Monitors Internet traffic every 120 Secs - Restart WiFi subsystem when needed - auto-start itself when device reboots - Not taking up space on Notification Bar - Service can be turned On/Off via App UI - "Master timer" shows how long it has been since timed (reset via Menu) - Latest "Up time" from the last (Internet) down- Probe Fail count ((Internet access) - 3 Logs (takes up to 3x10K of memory - All events(Success and Fail) - FailOnly events - WiFi restart attempts (almost similar to FailOnly log) - Menu shows - Clear log - Reset Master Timer - Service On - Service Off [Instructions] - Configure the WiFi profiles and ensure that the device can connect to WiFi successfully as normally do- Install 9420 WiFi ReConnector - Open UI "once" to start and it'll auto-register the monitoring service - (Subsequently) Open UI to visit the log to see - if it's still running - how stable is your WiFi network - how many times (and at when) this app has helped recover the Internet connection Version 1.0 (runs on R3.0 - minimum)Jan 15, 2013Enjoys, Solution 9420 www.solution9420.com [Next release]- Maybe "Paid" version, or with Ads- Configurable TextSize for UI- Configurable the monitoring interval- Configurable Log size- Configurable "preferred" WiFi AP (when you have more than one AP)MailTo: solution9420@gmail.com - Any suggestions or Bugs report [Keywords] Android, Android stick, Android TV, WiFi, Keep Alive, Monitoring, download, 24x7
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