Anemia Care Diet & Nutrition

Anemia Care Diet & Nutrition

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Anemia Care Diet & Nutrition is a Free App specially designed for Help Tips and awareness for Anemia Patients. App covers information about Anemia such as Types causes risk factors friendly foods and foods to avoid etc. Dieting ideas and tips of this app have been carefully reviewed by Experienced and professional dietitians carefully.
Anemia is a clinical condition characterized by reduction in the number of red blood cells or their content of haemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the main content of blood cells that binds the oxygen. If a person has low RBC count or hemoglobin count, the blood cells cannot transport enough oxygen to the vital organs.
App has following Primary sections:
* Types causes and symptoms of anemia
* Dietary suggestions
* Foods to be included
* Foods those are rich in iron
* Foods to be avoided
Anemia could be of different types i.e.
* Hemorrhagic Anemia (due to sudden loss of blood as in accidents, surgeries or slow loss of blood as in worm infestation, piles, ulcer).
* Aplastic anaemia (caused by X and Y rays, irradiation, bone marrow and stem cell problems).
* Congenital or hereditary anemia
* Sickle cell anemia (in this anemia RBCs become rigid and crescent shaped instead of regular disc shape)
* Pernicious anemia and Megaloblastic anemia (poor absorption of vitamin B12 and folic acid deficiency, respectively),
* Iron deficiency anemia (poor intake of iron in diet, menstruation, childbirth, frequent blood donation, certain drugs that interfere with iron absorption, caffeinated drinks and excess tea, females deplete their iron stores during lactation period too).
Symptoms of anemia:
* Paleness of skin
* Fatigue and lethargy
* Dizziness
* Headache
* Cold hand and feet
* Brittle nails
* Hair fall
* Leg cramps
* Soreness and swelling of tongue
* Poor concentration
You also have facility to directly contact Dietitian if you want to consult your diet and nutrition related issues and can also get your personalized diet chart as per your case and body Parameters. You can also consult the dietician for your queries.
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