Anti theft security Alarm

Anti theft security Alarm

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Productivity | 4.2MB | Update: 2019-05-27 | Version: 1.0 | Requires: Android4.3 or later

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Anti-Theft Alarm Security
Getting tired of all those jealous people playing with your android smart phone without asking?
Concerned that your android smart phone may get damaged or stolen?
Keep all intruders away with Motion Alarm! Our motion-triggered deterrence technology will help keep your precious device safe. As soon as the preset level of movement is reached, your customized alarm will sound, alerting you and causing the unauthorized android smart phone toucher to back off. (Self-destruct, implode feature coming soon)
Current features: - Adjust the sensitivity level to distinguish between unauthorized use and accidental movement of the device.
Anti-Theft Alarm Security will protect your mobile phone from unknown people and thefts who will try to open your mobile phone security without your permission. Don't touch my mobile phone is an anti theft alarm security that detects the motion when someone tries to touch or disconnect the charger of your mobile phone without your permission. Anti-Theft Alarm Security will protect your mobile phone from people who will try to open and use your mobile secretly.
Choose an alarm sound. Currently includes a range of alarms, explosions and dog barking effects. - Control alarm activation with a delay control. - Designed to block android smart phones leep mode for continuous usage. - Screen darkening so that potential android smart phone "toucher" thinks the phone is off. NOTE: Tap in the top left corner to end darkened screen. - GPS Tracking: Send the androids GPS co-ordinates with integrated Google Maps via email. (NOTE: Some users have reported that Hotmail may block GPS Report emails due to over protective spam filters. If this occurs, please try any other email address.) - Stealth mode option to turn off alarm so thief will not realize they are being tracked via GPS.
Anti-theft alarm security may be used to surprise your family and friends with a loud alarm, when they are spying.
Anti-theft alarm can be used to prevent your kids and colleagues from accessing your phone.
Do your friends use your phone when you’re not around?
Are you worried that someone will steal your phone?
Are you concerned about the safety of the data in your phone?
NOTE: - Although we would love to be able to disable the home button, this is not something that is possible due to restrictions. Please use screen blackening and stealth mode so that user will not be aware that GPS tracking is enabled and they will not think to press home button.
Anti-Theft Alarm Security makes the phone useless to the thief even if he restarts the phones live by unplug or removing the battery platform disconnect. Anti-Theft Alarm Security will sense and activate automatically
Practical and impractical uses for Motion Sensor: - Deter your friends, spouses, partners, parents, bosses, teachers, children and pets from your android. - Put your Motion Sensor enabled android smart phone on your laptop, or in your handbag, luggage or briefcase and be alerted as an attempted theft is in progress, and deter the thief. - Perfect for muscle building and toning. Just hold the Motion Sensor enabled android smart phone with an outstretched arm and don’t ever let that alarm go off. - You can use the above technique for effective disciplining of your children and/or students.
Anti-Theft Alarm Security features:
Motion-sensor activated alarm
Charger disconnect alarm
SIM disconnect alarm
SD card disconnect alarm
Fully charged alarm
Different alarm sounds (or you can set your own)
Quick activation through notification
Simple and easy-to-use interface
(Not necessarily recommended). We encourage you to submit suggestions for new usages and any new features you would like. Please join our community:

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