*Baby Sleep Sounds: Sounds for sleeping children

*Baby Sleep Sounds: Sounds for sleeping children

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Selection of
cradle songs
for you to sing to your children when they go to sleep. We also include
white noise
for their babies.
We present a complete list of
infant songs for sleeping children and babies
, in a very sweet and quiet way. Videos with lullabies for your children to have happy dreams.
Lullabies and lullabies have always been the method chosen by parents to try to make their children fall asleep and rest. Take advantage of this list of songs to sing to your children when they go to bed to sleep.
If your child has trouble falling asleep, download this app with baby sleep sounds.
6 (Six) Benefits of singing lullabies to babies
From the womb, babies can enjoy lullabies. Research reveals that when the mother sings a lullaby to her baby, during pregnancy, or when rocking him to sleep, it will be generating great benefits such as:
1. Stimulates maternal bonding and attachment
Improved language development. Babies who hear songs in their early stages develop language skills better.
3. Music helps the baby develop motor and social skills.
4. Songs relax and soothe babies and help them fall asleep better.
5. Helps to calm the baby and the child, improving their mood.
6. Provides security and confidence to children.
To sing to your baby, you don't need to have a tuned or perfect voice. All you have to do is hum a song or lullaby and combine it with a massage or just a little affection, and your baby will fall asleep quickly.
What will you find in this app of baby sleep sounds?
continuous, monotonous and loud sounds, such as the sound of a hair dryer, washing the sound of the machine, the sound of the train (lullaby), the sleeping children falling quickly. They are more effective than music or a lullaby, so many parents choose a simple and effective way to calm their children.
Monotonous sounds to sleeping children are soothing to babies because they resemble the natural sounds that a child hears during pregnancy.
When a child has colic or received too many stimuli and can't sleep, try our application, and you'll find that numbing a child can be quick and enjoyable.
The use of the application is very simple, just put the phone at an appropriate distance from the child, choose a sound and set a timer that turns off the application after a specified time. After a short period of time the child should calm down, stop crying and fall asleep quickly.
The application has a variety of sounds (from a reminiscence of white noise to the sounds of nature):
- hair dryer,
- The sound of washing machines,
- The sound of a vacuum cleaner,
- Vehicle engine
- train
- underground,
- Laundry dryer,
- windshield wiper,
- Mountain stream,
- The dripping water,
- Music box (lullaby)
- shower
The use of the application with sound to sleep children should be careful and avoid placing your phone or tablet too close to the ear of the child.

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