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Best Finance Calculator

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Finance | 4.5MB | Update: 2020-08-04 | Version: 1.0 | Requires: Android4.0 or later

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Are you looking for the best financial calculator? Financial calculations often need a very powerful calculator with accurate results, Best Financial Calculator is the solution for all the daily needs of all accounting, commerce, business and management students, professionals who are looking for a very powerful financial calculator. The calculator comes with more than 32 amazing formulae which cater all the basic and advanced accounting needs. This accounting calculator comes with a built in option to select from the over 100 plus currencies and also a very powerful scientific calculator with a lot of mathematical functions. The formulae include interest calculation, cash flow calculation, Amortization, stock and a lot of other options.
The 32+ finance formula included in the financial calculator include:
- Annual Percentage Yield
- Annuity (Fv)- Solve For N
- Annuity Payment (Pv)
- Annuity Due Payment - Pv
- Annuity Due Payment - Fv
- Annuity Payment - Fv
- Present Value Of Annuity Due
- Future Value Of Annuity Due
- Future Value Of Annuity
- Present Value Annuity Factor
- Annuity (Pv)- Solve For N
- Bond Equivalent Yield
- Capital Gains Yield
- Compound Interest
- Contribution Margin
- Current Yield
- Dividends Per Share
- Earnings Per Share
- Discounted Payback Period
- Dividend Yield (Stock)
- Equity Multiplier
- Fv - Continuous Compounding
- Present Value Of Growing Perpetuity
- Net Asset Value
- Net Present Value
- Net Profit Margin
- Solve For Number Of Periods - Pv & Fv
- Payback Period
- Pv Of Perpetuity
- Present Value Factor
- Price To Book Value
- Real Rate Of Return
- Tax Equivalent Yield
- Yield To Maturity
- Zero Coupon Bond Effective Yield
- Zero Coupon Bond Value
With this powerful accounting calculator, it will become very easy to have a financial calculator in your pocket. The features of the Best Finance Calculator include:
- 32+ basic, and advanced financial calculation formula
- Option to change result currency. Over 100 currencies included
- Can be used for a long time because of simple User interface, clean look and ease of usage.
- Every formula calculation comes with a basic formula helper, which highlights the formula of calculation.
- Comes with a handy powerful scientific calculator for all other basic mathematical needs.
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