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Description of BodBot Personal Trainer: Workout & Fitness Coach

BodBot is your own digital personal trainer, providing AI workouts customized to your goals, equipment, physical abilities, desired difficulty and much more. BodBot provides you with step-by-step guidance for each exercise and progression, and your plan adapts over time as you complete or miss sessions.
BodBot already contains the most advanced at-home and bodyweight tailoring of any fitness app on the market, and we’re working flat-out to add new tools to help support our users during this time. Wherever you are, with whatever you’ve got - we’ll get you a great workout plan.
Your Goals, Your Body, Your Plan.
■ Work out anywhere, anytime - at home, at the gym, in your garage, or in a hotel - with any combination of equipment or just your own bodyweight.
■ Get results even on a busy schedule - your workouts are tailored to the days and time you have available.
■ Build muscle, gain strength, increase endurance, improve cardiovascular fitness and lose weight - whatever your starting point and current ability, we’ll work with you to get you where you’re going.
AI Workouts and Adaptation
- Reach your goals with a long-term, science-based approach to fitness, and workouts that learn and adapt from set to set and from workout to workout.
- Adapt to thrive - your lifestyle is not stagnant, and we’ll adapt your planning based on your activity levels and sleep.
- Make sustained progress with intelligent progression of sets, reps and weight in the gym, and a huge range of bodyweight progressions at home.
Personalized Step-by-Step Guide
■ Move and exercise better with customized fitness assessments targeted at mobility, strength, posture and more.
■ Ditch cookie cutter planning - BodBot will build your workout plan to you and adapt it with your feedback. We’ll keep you on track and making progress.
■ Gain, maintain or lose weight with a workout routine built to your level.
You Train, BodBot Plans
- Maximize fitness gains with a training plan that intelligently adapts intensity and volume between sessions, with no muscle, movement or joint left behind.
- Make the most of your time with seamless integration of circuits and supersets.
- Level up - for beginner strength-trainers, gain confidence in new resistance exercises and gym equipment. Learn the correct movements with demonstration videos and detailed descriptions.
Your Own Mobile Personal Trainer
Just as a good personal trainer will personalize your workout plan, BodBot creates an individual program for you and adapts it as you progress. Limited range of motion in the shoulders? We can work to correct that. Weaker in the back than in the chest? We can address that. Hamstrings too tight? Want to develop the biceps or the glutes? Can only workout in a few windows during the week? BodBot can handle it all, and your workouts will reflect all of these needs. We're committed to providing you with the best possible training plan and the very best workouts. More than this, if you miss a workout, or if you decide to go hiking on a whim, we can integrate this new information and update your training plan accordingly. The plan lives and breathes with you and for you.
Let’s get started.

What's New with BodBot Personal Trainer: Workout & Fitness Coach 6.055

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    Wish I could pay monthly £55 is to much to commit to up front, £5 a month and I would have continued past the trial
    2020-10-23 12:15
  • avatar
    Tried the free trial upon ending, was charged $65 for a full year that I didn't want or approve. Tried getting a refund through Google, was referred to the developer. Tried getting a refund through the developer, was referred to Google. Haven't recieved a refund from either even though I requested one within the 48hr window. Was an okay app until this happened, now I feel robbed.
    2020-10-22 09:36
  • avatar
    Great concept and idea,, mediocre execution. Switching from home->gym->home loses the marked tools I have at home. Just keeps repeating one exercise in every training. The adaptation to my perceived intensity wrt exercise forms is great. In general good coverage all muscles, except if 1 appears to be weak.
    2020-10-21 06:30
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    Using the app fairly consistently for ~2yr and when I stay with the program I have noticed considerable improvements in my form as well as increases in strength. The biggest downside after the latest updates are the removal of features from the free version of the app to exclusively the premium version. I immediately notice the difference. However, if you're brand new to the app I'd say I don't think you'll notice the changes.
    2020-10-21 04:51
  • avatar
    Great! It was my first time using this app and I have not worked out since before I had my son. The app really tailors to the needs of each individual.
    2020-10-17 02:12
  • avatar
    Really enjoying using this app for strength training during COVID. I'm a 58 Y/O female who used to work out 6 days a week at the gym eight years ago. I love the customizable plan that lets me exclude certain joints, if needed. I appreciate having the coaching voice, but I wish it were a bit more 'involved.' It only counts rest times & transitions between exercises. I would like a "keep going" or something every once in a while. LOTS of great resource materials! Diagrams, graphs, all helpful!
    2020-10-15 12:25